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Once you are registered with your tennis club, reserving a court and managing your account details couldn't be simpler.

This help guide aims to provide a general overview of BookIt and offer handy tips on how to use the system. If you have a query or encounter a problem which cannot be resolved by this guide or your club, please use the contact page to get in touch with us and we will respond as soon as possible.

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If your club is affiliated with BookIt, visit our site via the link on your club's website and select "not registered".

If you already have a login and have completed the user confirmation process, simply enter your email address and password as provided during registration.

Book a court

To reserve a tennis court, select "make a booking" from the navigation on the left of the page and using the calendar, choose a date and time. If you need to move to a date ahead of the present day, the mini-calendar option on the right can be changed as per your preference.

Once the correct day has been chosen, find the appropriate time interval (the option to jump to afternoon sessions is available at the bottom of the present day's listing).

Click "book" on a start time to then display a details confirmation window where you can set the end time, enter more information about your booking or cancel that option.

If you proceed, your booking will then be confirmed on the following page and a reminder email will also be sent to your inbox.

Cancel/change a booking

If for some reason you wish to cancel a booking or change the time, you can visit the "show all bookings" link via the left-hand navigation options. This page will display all past and upcoming bookings you have made and allow you to manage and delete them.

Unfortunately an existing booking's times cannot be amended once set. If you do wish to change the time, you will need to cancel the booking and create a new one.

Confirmation of any booking cancellations you make will also be sent to you inbox via email.

Edit your profile

The "edit my profile" link allows you to amend all information you submitted upon your registration with BookIt. Your name, email address and password can all be changed from here.

Website problems

If you encounter any problems using the BookIt system, please contact us and explain in as much detail as possible the errors you have encountered. We will endeavour to investigate as soon as possible.